The Elephant

The elephant stared at him balefully, its tail twitching slightly. He turned to the sound that came from behind him. He was so high he could barely stand, and even less understand. He was not afraid; at least he thought he was not afraid. The main reason he was not afraid is that he’d drank plenty of red bull at the party and everyone knew red bull gave you wings to fly with and, boy, if that elephant dared move an inch closer, he’d be up in the sky with Lucy and Jim and plenty of diamonds in no time. He had always been a fan, not a big fan but an extra ultra-big fan of Jim Morrison. Knew all his songs by heart, could sing them all in playback in his bathroom. Some he even sang at the karaoke. He was a good singer. He was an excellent singer. He was about to inform the elephant of his musical aptitudes when that sound behind him started again. He had turned around earlier to see what it was but did not see anything. Just the bushes. The bushes and more bushes and more bushes. He took another long drag from his joint as he turned. That stuff was so good. Premium quality, you could immediately tell the guys were no jokers, they went for quality. He had no idea what they had mixed and he seriously utterly did not give a damn because what mattered is how he felt and he felt great so so great. He felt fantastic even if he was a little bit stranded there in the middle of nowhere with an elephant about to trample him. Even if he had no idea where everybody had gone to. It did not matter because life was great and he had faith in life and to feel alive he took another puff. As he took the puff the sound started again behind him and for some unclear reason, this time it registered and he recognized the sound of his cell phone’s ringing tone, the opening notes from “a little game”. Now the thing was, if he decided he wanted to take that call, which he was not sure at all he wanted to, he would have to get up and go look for the bloody thing in the bush. Even in his state, he felt rather than knew that it wasn’t a very good idea to move, not with the humongous angry pachyderm staring at him the way it was. So he let it at that, while Jim kept on playing the first few notes of his wonderful song in the midst of a bush that happened to stand somewhere in the middle of Kruger Park, a foot away from an angry elephant and a stoned human being. He had been there for an hour, had finished his last joint and he was starting to get really hungry. He checked his pockets but found nothing there, not even crumbs. There were so many servants in this country that he no long had anything in his pockets, they were depressingly empty, no more surprises ever. But back to the stomach. He was also starting to become very sad. Sad because he all of a sudden remembered that beautiful girl at the party and how she must have left with that idiotic karaoke, Rolex wearer type. There had been something between them. It had all gone well until golden boy with toilet teeth showed up. He was telling the elephant about the girl. Sarah. Her name was Sarah. Such a beautiful name; so befitting of such a pure and beautiful soul. Sarah.  … Sarah? … Was it really Sarah? Maybe … Lea? “It does not matter” he told the elephant. Anyway she is gone now. Like everyone else. The only one still here is you. It is you and me now. And I promise to take care of you, through thick and thin, if you promise not to trample me and stop staring at me with such a vicious and malicious stare…
The phone was ringing again in the bush. His head was starting to hurt. He was remembering more and more. He put his hand in his pocket and to his surprise, he did find something there. “Ha! Now I can fire everyone! They are not doing their job so well in the end!” It was a piece of paper. He used his lighter to read what was written on it. It was still dark, but he could see the first sunrays on the horizon. That place was magnificent. He had never seen so much perfection, such harmony. All communicated and intertwined so well, the nature, the sky, the sky…and more sky… Bloody hell it never stopped! He now wanted a building, some stone, some concrete, he was getting fed up of the whole experience. He wanted to go back to his hotel. He wanted the girl. He was crying a bit. And with tears rolling down his cheeks he read the note she had put in his pocket as the golden toilet rolex mine looked away: “if you love me, let me know. Melissa”.
He looked up at the elephant and saw the elephant was smiling too. He swallowed up his pride, went up to the elephant who had kept him company throughout the night and kissed it on both cheeks. Sarah, or Lea or Melissa, or whatever her name was, he loved her and he was going to let her know about it, from now on and for ever.


(August 7th, 2013)

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