It was France. And the afternoon was golden. Three women walked through a field of lavender toward the explosion…

They were not in hurry. They were walking peacefully. Almost.

Had the times been different, and had the noise of the warplanes above their heads been less deafening, one might have thought they were on their way to a pastoral dominical picnic or enjoying a vigorous stroll on a sunny spring afternoon.

The colours around them were magnificent.  The sky seemed flawless and endless, of a deep blue, geometrically criss-crossed with white airplane smoke trails. The fields were gorged with vivid colours, and contained all the different shades of violet, purple and mauve that existed, struck with touches of greens and beiges. The women were walking at a leisurely pace. They were not talking. They seemed at peace.
As they approached the place of the explosion, the sky became darker and was soon filled with a sooty smoke.

They were neither happy nor joyful but something in their stride suggested victory.
When they reached the remains of the planes they did not have to talk or consult each other. They knew exactly what they had to do. They had been trained for it, they had been on countless similar missions in the last 5 months.

They were each doing their part of the job when Agent A. found herself face to face with a situation.
She had a survivor and she was looking in his eyes. He was young, he was beautiful, he was in pain, he was the enemy, he deserved to die, yet her eyes had locked into his and she was not prepared for what she saw there.

They were locked dancing a slow waltz with their eyes.

They were telling each other about each other, they were telling each other all that they had not heard or seen for the last two years, they were caressing each other with their eyes.

They were dispensing so much tenderness and love. They did not even know they possessed so much of each, let alone knew anything about giving it.

Their bodies were prisoners but their souls had united and were fully intertwined. They had opened endless new doors to them. They were so intensely loving on the sound of the music played by their heartbeats , that they did not hear the click of the gun being charged.  They were so engrossed in their acts of pure and selfless love that they did not hear the bullet, directed at them, slashing through the air.

The bullet came out as they were exchanging vows of eternal devotion and passion.

It cut straight through the vows, head and heart, bringing them together for ever.

(Octobre 9th, 2013)

Alex S David

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