It had been an otherwise average day in Waikiki. The beach was crowded with lei-draped tourists sipping Mai-Tais. The explosion of sand was the last thing anybody expected. Everybody looked across the artificial lawn. A child or two started crying, a woman or two shouted hysterically, a man or two pretended they had it all under control and had been through worse. However, and much to their wives’ dismay, they were instantly betrayed by the sudden strong smell of fear emitted from their armpits.
The rest of the crowd looked amused, they were convinced it was but another of the hotel’s welcoming show. There was absolutely nothing to worry about, was there? They had been assured by the travel agents that this was the best package deal they could hope for. Aside from the return flights, it included full-boarding, free access to the gym, which had an Olympic sized pool, free access to the beach, conveniently situated across the road, and all the “extra-amusements” they could wish for, those were not specified in the brochure though.

She wished for nothing! She just stood there seething. She had not wanted to come. She hated it all. She hated the tour operator, she hated the plastic flowers, the plastic lawn, the plastic bins, the plastic boobs and probably the plastic happiness all around her. She hated the cheap ugliness of it all. But he had insisted. He always insisted. He had to have the last word, always. He refused to see or hear or admit she could have her own opinion. She hated everything he represented. He was the most perfect image of everything she loathed. The exact opposite of what she still dreamed of. When she dreamed.

Yet, she was married to him. Worse than that, she was the one who had pushed him to ask. He had been pretty happy with the all-sex-no-strings-attached approach, making sure she understood how absolutely non-committal and somewhat uninterested he was. She felt he had left her no choice but to take matters in her own hands and push him for the ring.

… Even if she did not even enjoy the sex part.

… Even if she knew there never had been any love.

That was ten years and two kids ago and her hatred for the man had grown worse with each passing year, tripled by each pregnancy and kid.
He had insisted they take a holiday together to work on their couple. He had said it would be good for them both, there was nothing to worry about, his parents would keep an eye on the kids. She could not stand her in-laws and did not like the kids too much either as a matter of fact: the more they grew up the more they resembled him and she could not stand him. It was as if he had even taken the kids away from her, making them his solely. Her sister had told her she may want to consult a professional when she had shared those thoughts about the kids with her, so she had cut all ties with her.

Here she was in the lobby surrounded by all these gruesome strangers, there seemed to be more of a commotion now. More children crying. She would kill him! She couldn’t stand crying children, she had not paid for that, had she!? More women were crying and shouting too. Fuck her head was starting to ache now. She looked around, he would pay for making her go through this ordeal. She would force him to buy a return ticket. She would tell him what a loser he is, she would tell him she hated him. Another man passed her running, making her spill her glass on her new dress. She shouted some insults at him, got madder by the fact she could only think of two insults. Lame insults, she knew she had better ones in store but couldn’t seem to find them. It was always the same you couldn’t even count on insults when you needed them!
She was going to strangle the husband, the children, the crying women, the smelling machos. She was going to …
And there he was in front of her: “How lovely isn’t it, my darling? I told you you would love it”
She swallowed back all her ang,rage and loathing smiled cowardly, looking at the floor as if shy and said: ”Yes darling. Yes, of course”.
Tomorrow she would deal with it.
The shouting had abated, the ambulances were gone.
So was she, back in her dreams.



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