The sad story of F, C & Clarisse Genisse

F.’s precise date of birth is unknown to us, as are the circumstances of his life and his precise origins. His biological parents seem to have suffered from anxiety and depression. They seem to have abandoned him on the porch of a church in the midst of a shared panic attack. Although, or maybe precisely because he had been marked for life, he managed to make a deep impression on all those he met throughout his life. He grew up in an orphanage from which he was chased before he reached adulthood. The reasons thereof escape us. We do know our friend found solace in the various homes and families which generously welcomed him with open hearts and arms and where he was accepted and adopted as the son and heir they had never had. They shared it all with him, from their most unimportant detail to their most cherished thought and possession: their pains, their loves, their fortunes and their misfortunes. Apart from his adopted families he lived his life surrounded by numerous friends who knew they could count on him for advice anytime of the day or night. His foes were as dedicated and fierce fighting him as his friends were supportive and dependent on him. He died a heroic if solitary death. He accepted defeat and faced his own death with pride and honour. He undoubtedly will be greatly missed by the extended family and friends he leaves behind. His legacy is enormous and his numerous offspring has vouched to honour his memory eternally. He will be buried in a week with great pomp at the “Vinci” cemetery. A ceremony will be held by the mayor of the town in his honour.

C. died before he was ever born. The tragedy of his unlived life lies in the very fact it had been such a wanted child and the biggest hope of his parents, who had, with heretofore unwitnessed dedication, managed to assemble their last bits of energy to create this godlike child. Had he lived to leave anyone behind he certainly would have been missed greatly. He had no sibblings and his parents died from grief when they understood he was doomed. He is, however, invoked and remembered by an enourmous number of people, who seem to have heard of what a man he could have been had he lived to tell the tale, and who seem to cherish him and his memory. There even seems to exist some sort of a cult in his honour, with followers expanding way across the borders, around the globe. He will be buried in a common grave, from where we hope he will find solace in more celestial places where he will undoubtedly be reunited with the parents who never knew him.
Clarisse Genisse was born old and afraid and died older and without any courage or dignity, but no longer afraid.
She worked her whole life as a cashier in the AAA Supermarket. She is almost remembered as your “not very social type, if we are talking about the same person” by co-workers.
She leaves no one behind as she had no family and her two only known friends F. and C. died together with her in the supermarket where her starved body was found with a note hanging from her neck that said “I did not steal”.
Her funeral took place already, the body was in such a decomposed state, that any delay would have posed a health threat to the whole county. Her body was cremated and her ashes spread on the parking ground of the supermarket she seemed to have cherished so much.

A communique had just reached our editor to announce that the full names of ‘F’ and ‘C’ can now be disclosed:

Fear & Courage


by alexsdavid


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