The Date

The cold water rushed over her as she was walking towards the port. When she turned back to see where it had come from she missed a step and slipped into the puddle created by the jet of water. She broke a nail, broke a heel and broke into the heaviest sweat. Panic swept her over, vanquished her before she had time to recite her mantra prayer.
She was lost and she knew it.
The man with the hose, responsible for all that was laughing heartily in the background.
She was still in the puddle, unable and too ashamed to get up. She fiddled in her pocket and took out what she thought would be her salvation: her joint.
All the while, the man behind her was still laughing. Amidst his vicious bursts of laughter she felt more water falling on her head.
Tears were welling up in the corner of her eyes. The smell of grilled fish was making her feel nauseous. Her money was gone for good. She knew that the nice sum she had invested in that exclusive dating company was wasted now. The man of her dreams, the man that was to end her misery, the prince charming on or off his stupid white horse the one she had been on her way to meet, would never want her now. All her savings had gone into getting that one date. Including the hair dresser, the make-up artist, the mani-pedi artist and the con artist who sold her the new dress and shoes. She could not go on that date with a dirty skirt, a broken heel, two broken nails and her face smothered in mascara and lumped powder.
Another spatter right on the top of her head as a good looking man passed her by. Another mascara’ed tear. The man passes her and does not bother to look at her, does not offer any help. On the contrary, he winks at the hosing shmuck and barely holds a laugh, settling for a smirk. He is in a hurry. On his way to a date. He is wearing a yellow bow tie and holding one white rose.

As she realizes who the man is the crazy hoser directs his hose her direction once again. It lands  on her knees this time. However, she has stopped crying now. Instead, she gets up, takes off both her shoes goes to the man and kisses him on the mouth while in her head she is preparing the complaint letter she is writing the exclusive dating agency.

She will get a full refund.

(Sept 3rd, 2015

Alex S David

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